Comeford College

A Christian college
with Kuyperian interests in Marysville, WA

“There is not one thumb’s width in the whole domain of human life over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!’”

—Abraham Kuyper

New Courses

Comeford College exists to raise the intellectual abilities of the Christian community in Marysville.

As an institution we are learning (in order) to love the Lord with all our mind. Jesus commanded it, and living for Him in this world requires us to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. That takes sacrifice. We ourselves are living sacrifices, and we should be smarter sacrifices.

In the fall of 2020 the college started with a scope and sequence aimed at a four-year, Bachelor of Arts degree. But, for now, that’s not putting our best on the table.

So in addition to our Comeford College Community Choir (which continues to just ROCK on all levels—see some of their previous performances on youTube), we will be changing courses and offering three other classes in the fall of 2024.

Here’s the TL;DR descriptions (and click on the name of each class for a more detailed description):

  • Jealousable Lordship – This is the grammar level of the program, the foundation that makes the other classes make sense. The bottom line: the Word has made the world. It’s crucial to read the Word, know how to read the Word, and then desire the blessings of doing the Word. We plan to offer this every year.
  • OmniSteroids – This is sort of the dialectic, the walls of the house, how things fit together. It shows how the Bible has made the world, how the world got to be what it is, what the Bible is good for. There are three stages which we call Tenebras (meaning “darkness,” covering the time from Creation to the Incarnation), Lux (meaning “light,” from the New Testament to the Reformation), and Modius (meaning “basket,” from the so-called Enlightenment to today). We plan to offer one section every year on a rotating basis.
  • Pedagogy Prep – This is sort of one type of rhetoric, or, one of the avenues to express and transfer the worldview that comes from the Book and the Great Books. This is a one year class, but offered on a regular basis.

If you have questions (or comments), email us.

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