As mentioned on the home page, Comeford College exists to raise the intellectual abilities of the Christian community in Marysville.

As an institution we are learning (in order) to love the Lord with all our mind. Jesus commanded it, and living for Him in this world requires us to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. That takes sacrifice. We ourselves are living sacrifices, and we should be smarter sacrifices.

In the fall of 2020 the college started with a scope and sequence aimed at a four-year, Bachelor of Arts degree. But, for now, that’s not putting our best on the table.

So in addition to our Comeford College Community Choir we plan to offer three other classes in the fall of 2024. Click on any of the below to learn more details about the class.

We’re Excited and Serious About It

We expect students will need to work approximately two hours outside of class for every hour in class. Most of the work will be reading, with some writing, but especially the Pedagogy class will have other projects.

Learning requires sacrifices, and so we’re also planning some serious celebrations of progress. We will have a program to commence the year and seek the Lord’s blessing, and we will have another program at the end of the year, something like a jealousable barbecue, where will will recognize and give certificates to those who complete the courses. Our certificates won’t count as transferable credits (at this point), but they will be worth putting on a resume. More importantly, we will have increased in our abilities to discern what is good and acceptable and perfect before God.

To those who complete the full program (one year of Jealousable Lordship, all three OmniSteroids years/levels, and the year of Pedagogy Prep) and either are or may be hired to teach at ECS, we will count it on our pay scale as equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Dates and costs will be decided soon. If you have questions (or comments), email us.