Jealousable Lordship

Jesus is Lord. 

This is every Christian’s confession, not only necessary and basic, but in it is a comprehensive worldview and motivation for every day’s work. Jesus is Lord of each member of His body, and He is Lord of creation and Lord of history and Lord of every king and empire and business and school, even if He is not acknowledged as such.

His Lordship gives us freedom and responsibility to learn and love all that He made and maintains. If He cares about it, we are allowed to care, and we should keep increasing our capacities to care. Because His interests are comprehensive, our interests must also increase (incrementally even though finitely) as we pursue Christlikeness.

As we live in light of His lordship, learning to observe everything He’s commanded, we believe He blesses us. Those blessings include a promised inheritance, but they begin here and now with all that we receive by faith. Those blessings make us jealousable. Salvation has come to the Gentiles so as to make Israel jealous; our jealousable lives will be used by the Lord to bring about the next steps in fulfilling His covenant promises.

This class will exalt the truth of Jesus as Lord, affirm the grammatical-historical reading of and confidence in His Word, and press the implications of His lordship into our daily decisions and work for our families, churches, and city. 

This class would be IDEAL for every Christian, especially for those who know that God has called them to live on earth for more than simply evangelism.