We love books, and especially the books that made Western Civilization great, at least as it used to be. Perhaps they can do it again. 

We also love much of the Omnibus collection from Veritas Press, “a Great Books curriculum for grades 7–12 that teaches students the lessons from the past in order to live in the present.” Students at Evangel Classical School work through the Ancient, Medieval, and Modern periods of history two times over the course of six years. 

Still, that only allows for a survey of some of the best lit to shape human culture. 

OmniSteroids is the next step, both in terms of deeper dives into some of the curricular cream, as well as more muscular discussions, arguments, and assignments. 

This class will strengthen the student’s grasp of individual books as well as strengthen the student’s ability to reject so much relativism and sentimentalism and socialism and weaksauce-ism spewed out in our current media streams. They will gain confidence to read and write and build stuff much better for the rest of their lives no matter their vocation.

This class would be best for students who have finished the primary Omnibus coursework and are ready to work even harder to grasp the great books.

Even MORE it would also be IDEAL for adults who did NOT do this reading, who lament that they did not get this education, and who may even be parents trying to provide it for their kids (whether at home or through ECS or another classical school). 

The actual book list would vary depending on the year and the teacher.