Pedagogy Prep

One of the most important vocations is that of a teacher. The Lord requires parents to teach their kids with diligence that the Lord is God, the Lord is one, and that we all must love the Lord with all our heart and soul and might and mind. The next generation must be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Whether or not that education takes place at home or at a school, education from God’s Word in the name of Jesus Christ is crucial. 

God as the creator of all things who pronounced that what He made is good, and God the Son who took on flesh and then rose again after crucifixion, must NOT be taken for granted in any of our learning.

Our Christian community needs more explicitly Christian teachers, teachers who understand the skills necessary to develop lifelong learning as well as the content that best equips their students. Again, whether homeschooling or at a Christian school, a parent or an employee, effective pedagogy must be learned.

Many of us are trying to give an education we didn’t receive. It’s time to study more about what that education looks like and gain confidence to provide it. 

This class will include a reading list as well as regular interaction with skilled teachers who will share their knowledge and provide sharpening feedback as everyone iterates toward excellent pedagogy.